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About Pan Asia Services Q & A Customer Services and Free Consultation Business Registration and Pioneering work Running Business in Mainland China

Pan Asia International & Co., CPA was founded in January 1986. To provide a full range of business advisory services to leading global, national, and local companies, we have signed strategic alliances with accounting firms in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, and Mainland China.

Auditing and Assurance

1. Audit of Financial Statements
2. Audit of Corporate Income Tax
3. Accounting, Financial, Tax, and Other Related Consultations
4. Special Audit Services

Initial Public Offerings and Listing

Our Services Include:
(1) IPO Planning and Consultation
(2) Tax Planning
(3) Designing Capital Structure
(4) Planning Stockholder Ownership
(5) Integration of Affiliate Enterprises
(6) Ownership Control and Planning
(7) Operational Model Analysis
2.Professional Services
(1) Establish Internal Control and Internal Audit Systems
(2) Business Planning
(3) Professional Training for Accountants
(4) Initial Public Offering Consultation
(5) Consultation of Application Stage for Listing and of the Post-Listing      Compliance

Investment and Company Registration

1. Business Registration;Application Process Checking;Entrepreneur Services
2. The Registration or Status Change for Juridical Persons and Corporation; Application for Special Permit
3. Establishing a Business Overseas; Investment in Mainland China; Overseas Investment
4. Mainland Investment in Taiwan; Business Registration for Foreign Nationals

Tax Compliance and Filing

1. International tax consulting and planning
2. Domestic tax benefit application ex. Article 25, Article 8 or tax treaty compliance
3. Domestic tax consulting and planning
4. Individual tax consulting and planning
5. Transfer pricing report preparation and consulting
6. Tax due diligence
7. Generation Skipping Tax Planning
8. The Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Planning; Application of Tax Filing and Tax Offsetting
9. Tax appeals
10. Tax Agent for foreign investors
11. Expatriate tax return preparation and filing
12. US resident tax return preparation and filing with IRS
13. Report of foreign bank and financial accounts (FinCEN 114) and e-filing

Accounting and Bookkeeping

1. Bookkeeping Services
2. Purchasing VAT Tickets and Filing VAT
3. Filing the Withholding Tax and Corporation Income Tax Returns
4.Outsourcing Services for Foreign Companies
(1) Bookkeeping and preparation of financial or management reports in Chinese or English
(2) VAT filing
(3) Annual withholding tax and supplementary insurance filing
(4) Corporate income tax filing
(5) Maintenance and filing of Imputation Credit Account and Undistributed Earnings
(6) Payroll outsourcing services
(7) Labor/health insurance and pension scheme application and update
(8) Cashier service
(9) Chop Management
(10) Work rule preparation and consulting

Taiwanese-Owned Firms Overseas

Since the new policy for Taiwanese visiting their relatives in mainland China in 1987, Pan Asia has serviced hundreds of Taiwanese businesses operating in China. Our services include investment risks evaluation, business negotiation, financial management, tax planning, and capital structure adjustment. We provide consulting services to customers investing in American, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Hong-Kong. In addition, we assist overseas Chinese and Foreign investors in applying working visa and alien resident certification.
1. Consultation on Related Regulations
2. Establish Accounting and Internal Control System
3. Financial Statements Audit
4. Assets and Equality Valuation
5. The Investment Structure for Taiwanese-owned Firms Overseas
6. Consolidation Ownership for The Enterprises in Mainland China
7. Tax Planning in Greater China

Mainland Investment in Taiwan

Mainland China has been allowed to invest in Taiwan since July 2009. Pan Asia took the lead in serving state-owned and private enterprises from Mainland China. We have provided investing consultancies for corporations from Mainland including Sinosteel Corporation, Bei Jing Biotechnology Corporation, etc. Pan Asia has been invited several times to speak in Hong-Kong and China about investing in Taiwan. We are devoted to providing various information and timely consultations for our customers. Pan Asia provides the diversified services shown below:
01. Starting up a Corporation
02. Finding a Company to Invest in and Identifying Suitable Target       Businesses to Acquire or Merge with
03. Setting up Strategic Alliances
04. R&D and Technology Cooperative Arrangement
05. Searching for an Agent or Distributor for a Product
06. Greater China Tax Planning and Consultation
07. Investment Consultation
08. Business Laws Consultation
09. Business Valuation
10. Business Negotiation
11. Financial Statement Analysis and Diagnosis
12. Subscribe Capital Formation and Designing Capital Structure
13. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
14. Financial Statements and Tax Audit
15. IPO and Listing Services
16. Planning for Ownership and Assets Transfer
17. Stockholder Dispute
18. Application of Working Visa and Alien Resident Certification

Corporation Reorganization and Business Crisis

During the period of Asian financial crisis in 1998 and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in 2009, Pan Asia successfully helped dozens of companies go through their business crisis or reorganization.
Base on these experiences, Jin- Huei, Ding CPA wrote a book called “Going Through the Enterprise Crisis--to Avoid Management Gap and Financial Distress Companies” published by Wealth Magazine for your reference.

Shareholder Disputes

Not only listed corporations, but also small and medium size companies might encounter disputes of shareholding and ownership. Pan Asia insists on keeping companies running and solving disputes smoothly.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Business Negotiations

On the impact of globalization, most domestic enterprises and Taiwanese owned businesses in China are facing the same issues of limited business scales and proper business successors. Identifying suitable target businesses to acquire or merge with and recruiting outstanding employees are strategies to keep business going.
Pan Asia provides professional advice and assistance on merger negotiation and strategic alliance.

Business Valuation

Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation In order to prevent enterprise crisis, Pan Asia provides financial valuation services for small and medium size businesses and builds business risk control system.


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