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We are professionals providing advisory services to entrepreneurs, proprietors, and managers. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or via the query form.

Corporation & Shareholders

(01) I would like to start my own corporation. How do I set up a corporation complying with the business plan?
(02) What is the difference between “Company Limited by Shares” and “Limited Company”?
(03) How do I structure the shareholding composition and board of directors properly?
(04) Should the company issue a share certificate if it is not an IPO firm?
(05) What should the company do if the shareholder likes to withdraw his/her share capital?
(06) What should the company do if there are discrepancies between actual business activities and the main business scope in the article of incorporation?
(07) Do board of director meetings and shareholder meetings comply with Company Act or other related regulations?
(08) Do you know how to plan an IPO?
(09) What are the restrictions on inter-company investment?
(10) What is the proper way to invest in China? By individual investor or by company? What are the application processes?
(11) What documents should overseas Chinese and foreign investor prepares in order to apply to invest in Taiwan?
(12) Are there any restrictions for minors being shareholders?
(13) What do “offshore company” and “tax heaven” mean?
(14) What is the difference between “companies suspended” and “go out of business”? What are the procedures for dissolution or liquidation of a corporation?
(15) If I like to close a company, can I ignore the procedures of dissolution and liquidation?

Financial Statements

(01) Is your accounting and bookkeeping complying with generally accepted accounting principles of Business Accounting Law?
(02) Do you think the financial statements of your corporation provide real information about the financial position?
(03) Can you assess performance or make management decisions base on your financial reports?
(04) Do you get timely financial reports? Or do you receive late financial statements regularly?
(05) What are the contents and meanings of financial statements?
(06) Does the financial report provide enough information for you? What is financial analysis?
(07) Do you have accounting system, internal control system, or internal audit system?
(08) Do you concerned about the tax filings provided by your employee or by CPA?
(09) What is financial diagnosis? What is the relationship between financial diagnosis and business risk?
(10) Should financial statements have deeper meanings for management decisions?
(11) What kind of statements are you reading? Statements for tax return or financial statements determined in accordance with GAAP?
(12) Do you know what the main difference between IFRS and GAAP is? What kind of corporation is required to use IFRS?

Corporation Tax

(01) What does tax risk mean? Does your company prepare thorough documents while filing tax returns?
(02) Why do I always feel that I have paid unreasonable tax?
(03) Why should my company pay business tax when it has loss?
(04) What are the bookkeeping procedures of triangular trading, multilateral trading, issuing an invoice, and sending a money remittance?
(05) Does cost bookkeeping confuse you the most?
(06) What is the impact of “Income Tax Integration” on the company? How should the companies and shareholders file their tax returns?
(07) What are the relationships among salary, labor insurance, health insurance, and pension?
(08) Does my company qualify for tax incentives?
(09) If I have tax disputes with the IRS, how should I launch the administrative remedy process?
(10) How do I file “Undistributed Retained Earnings” and “Imputation Credit Account”?
(11) If I were a foreign shareholder and receive dividends, how do I file the tax returns?
(12) What is the difference between the individual investment and corporate investment under “Income Tax Integration”?
(13) Is there any different tax burden for an individual estate purchaser or a company real estate purchaser?
(14) Is there any tax saving strategy for your industry?
(15) Do you know the audit standard of “Non-arm's-length Transfer Pricing of Profit-Seeking Enterprises Income Tax on Non-Arm's-Length Transfer Pricing”? What does “related party transaction” mean? What does it include?
(16) What is the” Alternative Minimum Tax”? What is the impact of “Alternative Minimum Tax” on the individual and on the corporation?
(17) Do you know the impact of expensing employee bonuses on financial statements?

Estate Tax and Gift Tax

(01) What is the “Estate and Gift Tax”?
(02) How can I avoid estate and gift taxes on my property?
(03) How can I legally avoid taxes on gifts?
(04) Which way of gift giving will minimize the impact of the gift tax? A cash gift, a stock gift, a real estate gift, or a jewelry gift?
(05) Gifts from your spouse are not subject to gift tax. Do you know other gift tax exclusions?
(06) Do you keep thorough records in support of second-degree kinship transaction?
(07) Do you know the order of inheritance?
(08) Do man and women have the same inheritance rights? Do children and adopted children have the same inheritance rights?
(09) Which one is better? Gifting real property before death or transferring property after death?
(10) What kind of property is exempt from inheritance tax? Is there any requirements?
(11) How do I make full use of the inheritance tax exemption and tax exclusion?
(12) Did you know that there is no land value increment tax for inherited land?
(13) Does improper inheritance tax planning increase tax burden on you?
(14) Can I use property to offset estate and gift tax? What are the requirements?
(15) Is there any difference between “waiver of inheritance” and “limited succession”? What is the procedure to waive inheritance or to assert limited succession?
(16) What is the tax due date for inheritance tax return? What is the focus of an IRS audit?
(17) How do I plan for inheritance tax?
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