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Compared Table

Consultations for regulations, risks, and tax difference under different
investment options

Business Registration, Tax Registration, Labor and Health
Insurance Application

Accounting, payroll, payment and chop management

(1) Bookkeeping and preparation of financial or management reports in Chinese or English
(2) VAT filing
(3) Annual withholding tax and supplementary insurance filing
(4) Corporate income tax filing
(5) Maintenance and filing of Imputation Credit Account and Undistributed Earnings
(6) Payroll outsourcing services
(7) Labor/health insurance and pension scheme application and update
(8) Cashier service
(9) Chop Management
(10) Work rule preparation and consulting

Tax Services

(1) Declaration of withholding tax for foreign income payment by deadline
(2) Individual income tax return filing with Taiwan Tax Administration for foreign workers
(3) Application for lower tax rate eg. Income Tax Act-Article 25, Article 8 and tax treaty
(4) US resident tax return preparation and filing with IRS
(5) Report of foreign bank and financial accounts (FinCEN 114) and e-filing

Foreigners applying for Work Visa or Alien Resident Certification

Foreign Company Establishing a Branch Office in Taiwan

(1) To get an approval letter
(2) Re-appointing the litigation/ non-litigation agent in Taiwan
(3) Increase or decrease the capital / working capital in an office of Taiwan
(4) Business scope/ address changing
(5) Change of board of directors

Sending a representative from foreign investors

(1) Setting up an office in Taiwan.
(2) Representative registration
(3) Increase or decrease the capital / working capital, company name or business items changing
(4) Change of registration address
(5) Change of representative’s address
(6) Company withdraw
(7) Setup a branch company in Taiwan


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