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Our Advantages :

According to customer's salary structure or requirements, customized payroll calculation and statement accordingly.
We provide internet-based salary search platform systems which can support multi-language and SSL encryption. Also, based on the different needs, we can tailor dedicated e-payroll slip format for each company.
Employees can log in at any time to find more historical payroll data, check or print their payroll slip, various incomes of withholding and non-withholding tax statements, certificate of payment of labor and health insurance premiums, as well as certificate of payment of s upplemental insurance premium.
Based on clients’ needs, we can provide payroll slip in encrypted envelope, encrypted email, text, or internet based salary search platform.
Payroll information is stored in encrypted database and can be input and output in excel file.
We have completed server based software and hardware monitoring by designated IT team with new technology and techniques for system upgrades, updates, and maintenance.
We back up our data system everyday and have a backup office and data in a second location.
According to the company's needs, we can generate the corresponding journal entries to facilitate future bookkeeping process.
After confirmation payroll data by clients, the system can automatically generate a e-file for subsequent bank transfer processing.


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